About Us



In 2013, I was in my 7th year of coaching River Road Middle School Cheerleading when I decided I wanted to own my own gym and I wanted to make a cheer difference to more than just the RRMS cheerleaders.  The beginning of 2014, I finally found a building that would suit my needs without breaking the bank.  That is when all the sweat and tears were put to work.  Chelsey Hewitt and Tami Chauncey helped me to create a plan for our first season.  We recruited athletes at our local Potato Festival in May 2014 and by June our doors were open and we added tumbling classes to our schedule.  Our very first tumbling class had about 30 athletes.  All ages and all levels for 2 coaches.  Chelsey and I quickly realized we needed to add more classes that would accommodate each athlete's needs.  

Over the next 3 season Magic Elite rec classes and competitive teams grew from 50 athletes to approximately 150.  Magic's competitive teams competed both locally, Norfolk, and nationally, Orlando, FL, with many other competitive stops between.  I am proud to say that our Youth Level 1 went to D2 Summit in our second year and that same year our Senior 1 took on UCA Nationals at Disney.  Magic had many ups and downs, successes and failures, but through it all we grew together as a family.  Family was my commitment the last 4 seasons as Magic and it still is today as we begin our new journey as Rockstar NC East.   

Magic is where my dream began and it will always hold a place in my heart.

Rockstar is my dreams growth.  I am so excited to be able to share this next step with my athletes and their families as they too are ready to ROCK!




MAGIC's Final Year